Looking for Pregnant Models for Free Belly Painting

What a fantastic living canvas, soft sensitive skin rippling with little stretching, kicking cuties inside. I’m loving gestational painting. If you know anyone who’s six months pregnant or more, who lives near Santa Rosa, CA, I want to paint them for free during February! Gimme a call or email. I’m assembling a collection of designs with photographs. […]

Flat Stanley visits Auntie Stacey in Sebastopol

My friend Dylan sent Flat Stanley to me in Sebastopol, California for a visit as part of his second grade literacy and community building project. I couldn’t talk Flat Stanley into getting his face painted, so he watched while my husband and I did some fused glass art.  We use special glass that comes flat […]

Making up a few good men

Theater ate my life and it’s great!  After dress rehearsals all week, tonight is the premiere of this powerful play. I’m doing make up for three of the cast members, and assisting with quick wardrobe changes.  Learning more than I thought possible about which hats go with which military police outfit. Come check it out, […]

How to Make a Life Face Mask – step by step

This is what I learned in my theater arts make up class as per instructor Maryanne Scozzari. We’ll use these life castings to design and create prosthetic noses for character make-ups, just like they do on Sci-Fi’s Face Off reality TV show, well, almost. Please follow all safety guidelines! Steps to creating a life mask 1) Prepare the […]

Fun with Cut n Paste

Check out my latest post on my other, fused glass artist blog – Thanks, Auntie Stacey

School’s In

Auntie Stacey’s heading to class next week.  Yup, I’m taking a special effects make-up class at Santa Rosa Junior College.  By this summer my zombies will be ten times more life like, uh, undead like. I’ll learn all sorts of theater make up techniques.  It’s so exciting!  I promise to post photos as I progress. […]

How to paint a leopard face

For this make up I used gold, white and black Wolfe brand face paint and gold cosmetic glitter. Don’t use craft supplies. Only use products made for use on the skin. My lovely friend Willa is my model. Note: Click here for an updated version of this tutorial Start by applying white around the eyes […]